Sous Vide Pro - Stick


  • The Sous Vide Pro allows you to bring the Sous Vide cooking method into your home, creating delicious restaurant-style meals with ease
  • Simply attaches onto the side of any suitably sized heat-proof pot or container and turns it into a precisely controlled sous-vide water bath. No bulky machines required!
  • Precise time and temperature control -Water bath temperature can be set up to 95C with precise temperature control
  • Working time can be set up to 59 hours
  • Compact and lightweight design makes for easy storage when not in use and highly portable
  • Durable clamp attaches quickly and securely to the wall of any pot/container
  • Fast heating and water circulator quickly and efficiently heats up the water bath and ensures the precise cooking temperature is maintained

Model Code PRO-SVS1
Power Rating 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1300W
Temperature Range 0 - 95C
Timer Up to 59 hours
Dimensions H 37.5 x L 14.5 x W 6.8 cms
Product weight 1.29 kgs
Working Capacity 12-20 Litres