JuicePro -Whole Fruit Juicer


Cold Press Juicing

The JuciePro operates at a low speed of 80 RPM, using only 240 watts of energy. This slow speed method maintains the maximum vitamins and minerals from your fruit and vegetables.

Low Speed Technology

This low speed technology is a unique method. Using the condensing screw to gently press and squeeze your selected food, this method extracts high quality juice full of natural flavour, and maintains maximum essential vitamins, enzymes and nutrients.

Pulp and Juice Outlet

The JuicePro removes unwanted pulp and produces healthier, natural tasting juice. Features large outlets for faster operation and a safer design avoiding sharp edges.


A simple design to suit all kitchen styles and designs to be user friendly with no sharp edges.

Safety First

The JuicePro is designed with a safety sensor which only allows operation when correctly assembled, avoid unwanted accidents.

Juice Outlet Cap

The non-drip Juice outlet cap allows you to create blended beverages and smoothies inside the bowl. The cap also minimises drips and mess and allows for cleaning and rinsing between different juices.

Frozen Dessert Strainer

Enjoy healthy frozen desserts by using the included BONUS frozen dessert strainer. Frozen fruits are transformed into delicious sorbet that you can easily make at home.

Wide Whole Fruit Chute

The extra-wide 3x3” (7.5cm) feeding tube accepts whole apples, oranges, tomatoes and more. This means you can juice most whole fruits and vegetables with no need of pre-cutting.

Cold Press VS Traditional

Tomato juice has been used to illustrate the comparison